Tottenham Hotspur Season Fixtures
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18th Aug 2013  Crystal Palace v Spurs
25th Aug 2013Spurs v Swansea
1st Sept 2013Arsenal v Spurs

14th Sept 2013

Spurs v Norwich
22nd Sept 2013Cardiff v Spurs
28th Sept 2013Spurs v Chelsea
6th Oct 2013Spurs v West Ham United
20th Oct 2013Aston Villa v Spurs
27th Oct 2013Spurs v Hull
3rd Nov 2013Everton v Spurs
10th Nov 2013Spurs v Newcastle United
24th Nov 2013Manchester City v Spurs
1st Dec 2013Spurs v Manchester United
4th Dec 2013Fulham v Spurs
7th Dec 2013Sunderland v Spurs
15th Dec 2013Spurs v Liverpool
21st Dec 2013Southampton v Spurs
26th Dec 2013Spurs v West Brom Albion
28th Dec 2013Spurs v Stoke City
1st Jan 2014Manchester United v Spurs
11th Jan 2014Spurs v Crystal Palace
18th Jan 2014Swansea v Spurs
29th Jan 2014Spurs v Manchester City
1st Feb 2014Hull v Spurs
8th Feb 2014Spurs v Everton
12th Feb 2014Newcastle v Spurs
22nd Feb 2014Norwich City v Spurs
1st March 2014Spurs v Cardiff
8th March 2014Chelsea v Spurs
15th March 2014Spurs v Arsenal

22nd March 2014

Spurs v Southampton
29th March 2014Liverpool FC v Spurs
5th April 2014Spurs v Sunderland
12th April 2014West Brom Albion v Spurs
19th April 2014Spurs v Fulham
26th April 2014Stoke City v Spurs
3rd May 2014West Ham United v Spurs
11th May 2014Spurs v Aston Villa


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