International Agents

Thomas Cook Sport is working with agents across the globe to offer fans outside of the UK the chance to see live Barclays Premier League games. Our agents are able to offer official match ticket inclusive packages across several of our clubs. International fans of the Barclays Premier League can book through our agents with the confidence of knowing their match tickets are guaranteed. A list of official agents and their websites can be found below.

Australia Glory Days  
Austria R.E.S Touristik
Austria Weiss Touristik
Belgium Thomas Cook Sport
Denmark MyPlanet Sport
Denmark Spies
Emirates MMI Travel/Dnata
Germany R.E.S Touristik
Germany Wess Touristik
Indonesia Tour Bola
Ireland Thomas Cook Sport Ireland
Kuwait Ejazat Group/ its sport
Malaysia Holiday Tours
Netherlands Emboost/menmevents
Netherlands Eurotravel Sports
Netherlands Sports Travel & Hospitality Group
Netherlands Voetbalreizen
Nigeria Corporate Leisure Limited
Nigeria Merit Global Events
Norway Haugesund Travel/ go to
Norway Reiseshop
Norway Ving
Singapore Bonvo Travel
South Africa EduSport Travel
South Africa Serendipity Tours
South Africa United Europe  
Spain E&TB  
Sweden Eurotravel Sport
Sweden Here We Go
Sweden LA Travel
Sweden Ving
Sweden Watch It Live
Switzerland R.E.S Touristik
Thailand Travel Center Asia


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