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Formula 1 German Grand Prix
Black Friday - Motorsports

2016 Formula 1 German Grand Prix Break

2016 will see the much publicised and much anticiapted return of the German GP after its cancellation from the calender in 2015. In 2014, Nico Rosberg thrilled the home crowd by becoming only the second German driver after Sebastien Vettel in 2013, to win their home GP. The experienced staff at Thomas Cook Sport are looking forward to welcoming and assisting you to the German GP 2016. Hockenheim is a small village approximatley 20km from Heidelberg to the east and Mannheim to the north. It’s smack bang in the middle of the Rhine valley so the landscape is very flat. The complex stadium circuit ensures there is a balancing act for drivers, either give it up on the straights in order to get it back in the twisty bits or vice versa. It is actually still quite a power-hungry track and about 65 per cent of the lap is taken at full throttle.

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Hockenheim is in a fairly rural part of Germany, where the local farmers are infamous for complaining that the traffic at Grand Prix time gets in the way of the harvest, but that won’t stop you enjoying the area's beautiful countryside. The town itself boasts an unusual tobacco museum, while the collection at the Hockenheimring's motorsport museum shows off a larger variety of Grand Prix cars. When Mercedes Benz were in need of a high speed test track in 1932 to set up cars for the Tripoli Grand Prix the result was a massive sausage-shaped circuit running through the flat woodland close to the river Rhine. It was 4.8 miles in length and consisted of two long curling straights with a curve at either end. The western end of the track ran close to the village of Hockenheim and looped around the town cemetery. The track's development stopped before it had really began as war broke out and in the post-war era the was the main venue for racing in West Germany. Hockenheim hosted only a few minor events. The boom in the German economy in the late 1950s resulted in investment in new roads and in the early 1960s a new autobahn was planned which cut through the old circuit. It was then owned by the town and the German government agreed to pay compensation and the money raised was used to upgrade the track. The Germans engaged Dutch circuit designer John Hugenholz and he came up with the modern Hockenheim, 4.2 miles in length, including the twisty "Stadium" section - around which vast colorful grandstands were erected. For some, Hockenheim is best remembered for the events of April 7, 1968. On that day, double world champion Jim Clark was killed at the first chicane in a Formula Two race and a monument to the Scotsman remains at the place where he died. It’s harder to locate since the track was re-configured in 2002, but if you walk into the forest in a straight line from Turn 2, you should find it. The new track design introduced in 2002 by Herman Tilke, the goodfather of Formulan One track designs in the past decade, shortened the track overall. The stadium section remained and new grandstands were built and sponsored by Mercedes Benz.

Thomas Cook Sport invites you to a feast of speed in Germany with our F1 packages, offering the ultimate F1 weekend experience.

Breaks include return flights, accommodation, airport transfers and Sunday circuit transfers. There is also the option to add tickets and Saturday circuit transfers to your booking.

2016 Formula 1 German Grand Prix Break Without Travel

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2016 Formula 1 German Grand Prix Break Without Travel £499.00 31 Jul 16Book Now


2016 Formula 1 German Grand Prix Break with Travel

Travel Options Prices from Date Availability
2016 Formula 1 German Grand Prix 3 Night Break from London £649.00 31 Jul 16Book Now
2016 Formula 1 German Grand Prix 3 Night Break from Manchester £669.00 31 Jul 16Book Now



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