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Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix

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Official tickets*

As official travel partner to most of the biggest and best sporting clubs & events, you'll have peace of mind that the ticket in your hand is official. (*where included)


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Enjoy exclusive hospitality at St. Georges Restaurant, located within the grounds of Monza Park.

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Select from a hotel only option or our 3 night grand prix break which include a return flight to Milan or Bergamo and airport transfers.

Track Information


Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Seating areas:

Grandstand Information


Undoubtedly the most popular place to watch the race from, the grandstands at the start/finish straight are always the first to sell out. With good views of the pre-race build up, the start of the race and of course the cars passing the chequered flag and crossing the finish line, there is plenty of excitement and this part of the circuit will be bustling with spectators. The podium celebrations also take place here, so it really is one of the best places to watch the Italian GP from. Grandstand 1 has the best views of the start/ finish line, but 24 also enjoys good views of Curva Parabolica. They will also have partial views of the pit lane, which can be very exciting. There are plenty of big TV screens visible from all of these grandstands, so spectators can follow the rest of the race.

Outer 1st Variant/Alta Velocita

The first corner of the track at Monza, Variante del Rettifilo is a very exciting one. After the long, fast straight of the Rettifilo tribune, the cars must brake to make the sharp right hand turn. The cars will slow right down to around 80km/h in second gear to navigate this right hander, followed quickly by a sharp left hand turn. Grandstands 6 and 8 have the best views of this corner, with TV screens visible from all of them. The start/finish line is also visible from parts of grandstand 6. This chicane is one of the heaviest braking zones in Formula 1.

Parabolica/Lateral Parabolica

The last corner before the start/finish line, Curva Parabolica is one of the most important (and of course exciting) corners of the whole circuit. It is a right hand turn where cars will be doing speeds of around 187km/h in 4th gear. There is a good possibility of oversteering or understeering through this fast sweeping corner, which can make for some very interesting viewing. Grandstand 21 is situated at the end of the back straight, with sections A, B and C having the best views of the final corner. Stand 22 is right on the corner itself, with the best views of Curva Parabolica. TV screens are also visible at this corner so spectators won’t miss a single bit of race action.


The Rettifilo Tribune is just after the start/finish straight. This is quite a long straight where cars can reach speeds of around 337km/h in 7th gear. The pit lane exit is also located here, so watching the race from this part of the track can be very exciting. Grandstand 5 also has good views of the start/finish straight. There is a big TV screen visible from these grandstands, so spectators can follow the rest of the race action.


Corner 7 of the circuit, Variante Ascari is quite a quick corner, with cars driving at speeds of around 200km/h in 4th gear. Many grandstands are situated at this part of the circuit, so it is a busy and exciting place to watch the race from. Grandstands 16 is situated right on the corner of Variante Ascari. There are big TV screens directly opposite these grandstands too, making this a popular location for spectators.

/ Experience

Visit Bergamo

Bergamo top attractions

Piazza Vecchia

A remarkable and beautiful assembly of patrician houses and the Palazzo della Ragione (city hall) frame this square at the heart of the old town. A café in the upper corner makes a good spot for appreciating the scene.

Rocca Museum

From the Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe, Via alla Rocca, to the right, ascends to the Rocca, a 14th-century bastion that contains the Museo del Risorgimento e della Resistenza. Views from the castle keep and the adjoining Parco della Rimembranza cover a full 360-degrees.

Cathedral of Sant'Alessandro

At one end of Piazza del Duomo, at right angles to Santa Maria Maggiore, is the cathedral of Sant'Alessandro, built in 1459, and with a neo-classical façade and dome added in 1889. Inside are paintings by Tiepolo, Previtali, and Moroni and beautiful Baroque choir-stalls.

Santa Maria Maggiore

Through the archway at the top of Piazza Vecchia is Piazza del Duomo (cathedral square), and together they contain some of Bergamo's most impressive architectural treasures.


To the right of the Cappella Colleoni is the Baptistery, an unusual octagonal building dating from 1340. It was originally inside Santa Maria Maggiore, then taken down in 1659 and stored, reassembled in 1856, and again torn down and re-erected here in 1898. The statues surrounding it date to the 14th century.

Art Gallery of the Accademia Carrara

Reached by a stepped lane leading down from Porta Sant'Agostino is a palace housing the Accademia Carrara, an art museum with works by famous Italian artists

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